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Soundtrack to a decade of Travels

Sitting somewhere between traditional folk, gritty punk rock and tribal dance music, The Trouble Notes have traveled their way across continents in search of musical influences. The band has proudly built its multifarious audience independently – known colloquially as “The Troublemakers”- a testament to their self-made success story that has led to major festival appearances, multiple film scores and an extensive tour schedule spanning the globe.

The story of The Trouble Notes begins on the Brooklyn banks of the East River. A young visionary violinist stood staring out, beyond the lights of the city into the unknown, yearning for an adventure that would sweep him away from his beloved New York City. Having spent the past years on an intense career path at a Wall Street investment firm, Bennet felt a sense of conflict down to his very core.

“I had spent the early years of my adult life immersed in a career for which I had no passion. Yes, there was a status and a sense of ‘purpose’, but was that really my own?” remembers Bennet. “My violin called to me, increasingly louder with each passing day until I knew it was time to embark on my own adventure, to the beat of my own drum. I would only later find that the drum would be played by Oliver.”

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LIberty Awaits Cover

Liberty Awaits You...

Liberty Awaits is our 2nd Studio Album that we recorded at the TRACK Konservatorium while on residency in Kortrijk, Belgium. Our sophomore album is an exploration of world folk styles and an attempt to further investigate the complex nuances of the rich cultural fabric of our world. As a central theme, the band drew influence from different stories of cross-cultural integration due to current and historical migration of people across land and sea. Liberty Awaits is a vast expansion of our repertoire, an introduction of new instruments and melodic voices on top of a stable foundation for which our band has become internationally known over nearly a decade. These songs are rich in emotion and spirit, they have a mature depth to them juxtaposed by our playful nature.

Our first Album Lose Your Ties peaked in the top 5 of the digital charts in 10 different countries, and it is our hope that we can surpass those numbers with our second release! As an independent group, this is no small feat and in order to achieve this goal we will need all of the help we can get! By pre-ordering the album, you are directly supporting the production and distribution of Liberty Awaits and bringing us one step closer to our goal of reaching the widest possible audience with our music!

We are truly grateful for your support! It is only through your early actions that we can replicate the visibility and success that we had with our first Studio Album Lose Your Ties. Below you will find our different Pre-Sale offers for Liberty Awaits. These are all physical items that will be shipped from either USA or Germany by early November 2022.* We do ship outside of Europe and North America, but can only accept payments in those two currencies at this time. Choose Your Preferred currency of the two below.

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