We meet you in every city that we travel to, magicians – likeminded souls that we want to portrait as The Troublemakers.
Our mission is to give each one of you a voice. Life is about exchange and sharing a picture. We believe all of you have a unique and individual connection to The Trouble Notes and therefore we want to digitally bring you a bit closer together. Even though you all are spread around the world. We believe we can grow together. This project is the brainchild of our manager Stefanie Tendler, who is responsible for connecting our troubled universe.



”Be the person you want to be, not the one you have to be – inside each one lies a golden nugget”


Thierry Schmitt

”L’inspiration est au coeur du partage que je vis avec ce groupe de musique The Trouble Notes.”


Lerm Marina

“Heart & Soul for me are the most important elements to create and express authenticity with our art – “To be” is an amazing piece of art!”



Les enfants pour être heureux ont besoin d’amour, de respect, de bienveillance.

Lara Celenza

Lara Celenza

People who choose to live life by their own rules instead of passively accepting what’s been spoon-fed to us since an early age by society inspire me.


Massimo Bellotti

”Life to me are people, friends, culture, listening and looking – learning. ”

Woody House


“Take a chance on yourself and discover your own hidden talents.”




” I am guided by the power of Magic.” 



“If I could make a change tomorrow….(without any adverse consequences…) I would probably quit my job immediately and leave France for some months, to clear my mind a little and think about the new life I want to build for myself.”