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The Trouble Notes – Grand Masquerade

Release Date: February 24, 2017
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The “Grand Masquerade” is the paradox of our everyday life, forced to hide our true selves from the cultural norms of our family and society. We are all forced to wear masks in our everyday lives. This can be the result of wide range of familiar, political or societal pressures, ranging from fear from persecution to rejection from a social order with which we identify. This is the Grand Masquerade. A tribute to the mask and a recognition of its existence. Determining whether or not a mask should be worn can only happen once it has been identified. What is the reason for hiding this aspect of the self?

The title track Grand Masquerade mixes classical style strings, indie-rock guitar, with hiphop and electronic groove. So often individuals find it necessary to mask who they are from the world in attempts to fit in and conform to the norms of society, or pressures of an oppressive government or household. Grand Masquerade is both beautiful and powerful. A struggle of the self-grappling with the decision to live a life of masked conformity or defiant individualism.