The Troubadour London
December 19, 2018
8:00 pm
The Troubadour
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An enchanting violin is paired with a rhythmic guitar and groovy percussion beats creating a sound that is truly unique to its own.The Trouble Notes music is characterized by emotionally driven, instrumental ballads reflecting pan-cultural influences and blending an eclectic fusion of traditions,representative of their extensive travels and consequent musical development.This year stands in the name of their Lose Your Ties Album that they released in February and toured all over Europe.Lose Your Ties is not only the tales of experience past, but the start of their new journey. As the main theme of the album it represents their story.Risking the safety of home and job to follow a passionate dream experiencing new cultures (specifically their music), and enhancing their repertoire.While their specific dream is important, Lose Your Ties applies to everyone in a general sense. Its about identifying what you want,then finding your obstacles, and setting yourself free from all that holds you back from living your dreams.In the name of sacrifice and hope The Trouble Notes Lose Your Ties Release Tour will finally come to London in December tying together the last three years of travel and their individual development within their respective musical journeys.Common passions replace old careers and have brought them together.Inspired by their encounters and new cultures their songs resemble a musical compass. Together they are trying to conquer the world with their music.Music from everywhere for everyone.