Call to action – Hambacher Forst Salvation, Join The Resistance !

The Hambacher Forst is an ancient forest near the city of Cologne (Germany). This autumn, the forest is to be clear cut in order to expand a climate-destroying open pit coal mine. Since September 13th RWE is evicting the forest occupation and destroys vast parts of the woods.

Every Sunday during a walk in the woods thousands of people send a signal against the destructiveness of RWE and short-sighted politics. Join us in the Hambacher Forst: For climate justice – now and everywhere! A group of students went on a journey to the Hambacher Forst to observe the situation that they had heard about for themselves.

What they get to see and experience there touches their hearts and they decide to make a film about it and become protectors of this forest. On October 6th your solidarity is needed to protect the forest! Join the demonstration at 12pm at Kerpen -Buir, close to Cologne!

Last Thursday, RWE’s CEO, Rolf Martin Schmitz, said that RWE would stand to lose €5 billion if RWE couldn’t extend their mine at Hambach forest. The protests at Hambach have grown stronger in Germany in the last days and weeks, bringing RWE’s actions under intense scrutiny. The €5 billion valuation is 38% of RWE’s €13 billion market capitalisation. RWE’s share price seems to have started to twitch. Since 12-Sep, the day the police started to move into the forest, RWE’s share price has so far fallen by 5%, compared to a modest 0.5% fall for European utilities and a 3% gain for the German DAX.

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