The Trouble Notes – Live From Mont Saint-Michel

As we made our way back to Berlin from Bretagne, it was finally time to stop at a sacred place that has long escaped our path… Mont Saint-Michel. Located in Normandie, France, the island commune off the north coast of France is truly one of Europe’s great wonders.

This small island has maintained a place in history since the Ancient Romans had made their way all the way to Britain, and has since been the home to one of France’s most treasured monasteries.

It had long been a travelers fantasy of ours to make a video with the Mont Saint-Michel in the backdrop, something which we were finally able to realize just yesterday.

The song we chose is a new composition, a kind of North meets South mixture of Tarantella and Celtic traditions. This video has a special dedication to a friend of ours, Leo, who tragically left us far too soon. Leo we will always remember you and will do well to live an honorable and principled life like you had in your short 23 years on this earth.

A live version of this song will be featured on our live album “Live in Berlin”, releasing on 5th October, 2018.