The Trouble Notes – “Live in Berlin” album set for release!

On the 5th July, 2018, we were invited to perform in an old bunker beneath the streets of Berlin. The concert, now called Artists Homes, stemmed from the desire to reinvent a space once catering toward the protection of evil to something creative. The space is now the home to an art gallery, concert space, reading area as well as editing and creation suite.

Our performance was organized by Paul Kuchenbuch and Bjoern Leester. We took the afternoon to prepare the room with cameras and microphones, intending to film the performance. By evening, an excited public had arrived, anxiously awaiting an electric Trouble performance.

The energy of the evening far exceeded everyone’s expectations, an audience expected to sit and “watch” was overtaken by dance and could be seen moving all over the room.

A month later when listening back to the recordings from the evening, we were impressed by the quality (a testament to Paul’s engineering skills)! With our first US tour only weeks away, we thought it would be the perfect time to release a live album of the entire concert, entitled “Live in Berlin”, to coincide with the tour.

This will feature many songs which you have heard from us, as well as a handful which have been previously unreleased. The album also features a live version of “Grand Masquerade”, the song from “the” viral video in front of the streets of Strasbourg.

“Live in Berlin” will release on 5th October, 2018. Pre-order information can be found here.


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