The Trouble Notes LockDown Concert Donation


Troublemakers as many of you already requested we will play our next online-concert for you from our Trouble Lockdown Studio.

On May 30th at 2PM CDT / 9PM CET we are playing another fresh set for you, to keep it exciting and have added some surprises in the mix!

Our entire spring and already part of our summer festival tour has been canceled due to the covid-19 outbreak.

As many other artists, we spent months preparing for the show and had put together a concert that was packed full of surprises and music to share with you! This is an extension of the Superbloom show that we were unable to perform.

A fifth full-length concert in high quality made just for you! There is no better time to turn your living room into a dance floor and lose yourself for the next 80 minutes!

By having donated to our concert, you have helped us cover the losses due to the cancellation of our tours AND support us over the coming months as many of our spring shows in Europe are also either postponed or canceled outright.

The concert will be streamed as a premiere as the previous concerts via our youtube channel 

We are truly humbled and grateful for your support at this time.
Be safe and remain in positive spirits!

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