Lose Your Ties


11 Tracks, 50 minutes to listen

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The main theme of the album is our story. Risking the safety of home and job to follow a passionate dream – experiencing new cultures (specifically their music), and enhancing our repertoire. While our specific dream is important, Lose Your Ties applies to everyone in a general sense. It’s about identifying what you want, then finding your obstacles, and setting yourself free from all that holds you back from living your dreams.

“Our music is meant to be from everywhere and for everyone”.

Lose Your Ties is not only the tales of experience past, but the start of our new journey. One thing we have learned from traveling is that music truly is a universal language. Cultural differences can drive a wedge between people, and some view them as an obstacle, but we see music and art-form as the bridge to cultural understanding. Our mission became to write songs which transcended cultural boundaries, mixing many different styles, both in musical prose and genre, in the hopes to tell very deep and complex stories about the human condition and cultural experience. Our songs lack lyrics, because we want the listener to be able to create his or her own vision of what transpires in each song and not restrict it by any language other than music itself.

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