Madison / High Noon Saloon

  • March 18, 2020 7:30 pm

  • Madison High Noon Saloon

A year removed from their first nationwide tour of the USA; The Trouble Notes are ready again for a new American experience. In spring 2019, the dynamic trio embarked on a two-month journey of the American West, beginning in Austin’s famous SXSW and ending in the snow-covered Rocky Mountains. From the moment they arrived, there was a creative spirit in the air. As they traveled across the storied western landscapes, they would imagine different soundtracks for the breathtaking sights before them: desert, snowy mountains, flower-covered valleys, swamps, and sprawling metropolises. The musings from these wayward experiences culminated in an EP entitled “Super Bloom”. For the first time since their last tour, The Trouble Notes will travel back across the Atlantic to perform the spring-inspired songs of their last journey. Who knows what this next American experience will bring? One can be sure that it will again energize and inspire audiences, becoming a new highlight in a Super Blooming connection between the band and their American audience.