The Trouble Makers – Steffi‘s Troubled Universe

The Trouble Notes in Bologna

We meet you in every city that we travel to, magicians – likeminded souls that we want to portrait as The Troublemakers.
Our mission is to give each one of you a voice. Life is about exchange and sharing a picture. We believe all of you have a unique and individual connection to The Trouble Notes and therefore we want to digitally bring you a bit closer together. Even though you all are spread around the world. We believe we can grow together. This project is the brainchild of our manager Stefanie Tendler, who is responsible for connecting our troubled universe.

Since Stef’s main interest has always been cultural and artistic movement, she made Berlin her new home in 2011 and has been involved in numerous projects ever since. She has worked on photo exhibitions, music video shoots, film productions, experimental theatre as well as writing for the transatlantic blog This is how we met and layed the foundation for our relationship.

As many of you the Lose Your Ties Theme also resonates with her, as she gave up her old career working in business travel to get a Bachelor of Arts in Publication and Communication and to eventually start her career as a photographer and tour manager for our group. Always attracted by the various forms of art and means of expressing oneself, she chose photography as a her own medium to capture the multi-facetted environments she encounters. She is now also responsible for documenting our tourlife.
You can find some of her work on



”Be the person you want to be, not the one you have to be – inside each one lies a golden nugget”



”L’inspiration est au coeur du partage que je vis avec ce groupe de musique The Trouble Notes.”



“Heart & Soul for me are the most important elements to create and express authenticity with our art – “To be” is an amazing piece of art!”



Les enfants pour être heureux ont besoin d’amour, de respect, de bienveillance.

Lara Celenza


People who choose to live life by their own rules instead of passively accepting what’s been spoon-fed to us since an early age by society inspire me.



”Life to me are people, friends, culture, listening and looking – learning. ”

Woody House


“Take a chance on yourself and discover your own hidden talents.”




” I am guided by the power of Magic.” 



“If I could make a change tomorrow….(without any adverse consequences…) I would probably quit my job immediately and leave France for some months, to clear my mind a little and think about the new life I want to build for myself.” 



“My advice to anyone stuck in a rut, is to talk it out with people. You really never know what someone is going to tell you that could change your entire perspective on something”




“In my case, I’ve always followed my path and I’m still walking on it. Even if sometimes that means doing something for which people may consider me nuts, no-good or – even worse – not a good person and a good follower of social conventions. Lose Your Ties should definitely be the soundtrack of many people’s life.”



“I have had many passions in my life and The Trouble Notes are a new one. There was basketball, I ended up winning the cup of France University. There was radio amateurism, I ended up communicating with other continents. There was paragliding, I ended up creating a magazine. There was the accordion, I ended up creating my own accordion brand. There was Peru, I ended up marrying my Peruvian wife. And today there is The Trouble Notes.” 



If something doesn’t feel right, it means your brain is telling you to change something. So, follow your instincts. Experiment. Travel.”



One thing is certain, I am happy and proud to be a Troublemaker and I wish you to continue on your journey as long as possible with the greatest success.”