Trouble Makers Interview Series – Lerm (Corsica, France)

“Heart & Soul for me are the most important elements to create and express authenticity with our art – “To be” is an amazing piece of art!”


The Trouble Notes’ music speaks to me about the possibility of transformation, reincarnation, creating our own ways and expression.

Creation in all its forms has always been part of my life.

Lerm is my artist name translating into: LEléphant Rose Masqué / Pink elephant with mask. 4 years ago I started with the illustration of children’s books. Ever since this time I have been developing my treasure box with other medias and tools: poetry, paintings, commissioned art and creative workshops. I also am a traveller, a dreamer, a sower of positive seeds.  I am a committed lifeguard of pink elephants – an endangered species –  I fight at the side of anonymous activists, protecting golden unicorns and three headed dragons. Creation in all its forms has always been part of my life. In fact, I am just a human being maybe with a vivid imagination, a drop in the ocean, a piece of this amazing puzzle that we call Humanity. Rumi said : “you are not a drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop.” We are all inter-connected and inter-dependant like a spider web. Also, this sentence from Gandhi are on my mind everytime and as a basis of my acts : “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Inspiration is Everywhere!

Each situation, meeting, place can be an oportunity for the start of a new story. The magic is in the eyes of the one who can sit and contemplate. I paint what I see, I live, I feel.
I follow my heart and each illustration is a gift, a surprise…
I never know in advance where I’m going with my painting. I like this feeling as a searcher, a gold digger to let light appear from patience and perseverance.
Human beings inspire me a lot. For me, each person is a golden nugget, even if they don’t know it yet, they are like artists with their own lives, trying to do the best, to create their own way. Also I find inspiration in Nature (the best artist ever!), silence, photography, architecture, color, different styles of painting, poetry, meditation… And of course from music… Usually, I am listening to music all day, creating playlists that match my current feelings and help me to trigger and produce what is moving inside me.

The Beginning of the Collaboration

Like many other French people, I discovered the band in January 2017 through the video by minutebuzz of them in Strasbourg playing during the Christmas market.
I started to listen to their music all the time and it inspired me to paint and create a lot. The song Boddah made me create a painting that I ended up sending to them to tell them something like: Thank you so much for the joy and beautiful energy you give to the world.
And we started talking by facebook eventually meeting twice in the amazing city of Strasbourg, where everything is possible.
It was a wonderful artistic and human meeting so naturally we started to collaborate.

Les Papillons de l’âme

“Les papillons de l’âme” (The butterflies of the soul) was born from “Boddah”. This painting speaks about butterflies who are not in our stomach like we generally say but in our throats. Butterflies that let the evil fly out and appear as words from our soul. It’s what I feel when I’m listening to their music. A storm of emotions and feelings whirling inside me like tons of butterflies flying from flowers to the sky during spring. The border between inner and outer world disappear, something like symbiosis.
The Trouble Notes’ music speaks to me about the possibility of transformation, reincarnation, creating our own ways and expression. The process of a butterfly is amazing and exatly what we live, a succession of different phases of existence. They are magicians, they create space of possibilities inside the people who stop and listen to them.
Magicians who open doors, treasure boxes and then a big orchestra of soul starts to play all together – Discover her treasures on