Trouble Makers Interview Series – Massimo Bellotti (Mantova, Italy)

“Because is easy to scare people about differences and unknown cultures, I felt I had to do something, even in my small village.”

I met The Trouble Notes in Ferrara and I loved their music immediately. It was one of the first groups I booked for our planned musical performances.


I am a 54 years old man born in Modena and a graduate in agricultural economics sciences. I studied at Bologna University but since my times as a student I have travelled a lot with scholarships and my thesis: my stops include USA, England, France, Russia, Kazakstan, Cecenia, Ukraine and Germany. Thanks to the languages, social skills and a joyfull open mind, besides of my professional know how, I work as an international sales manager.


Life for me is about people, friends, cultures, listening and looking – learning. Travelling is helping me to do everything I could have ever dreamed of. I am lucky. The inspiration probably came from my Grandfather Lieto Gilioli who travelled a lot and told me many nice and inspiring humanistic stories. When I was younger I played football and I am still infected by this “virus”. I am fan of AS Roma and when I can go to the capital, I enjoy both my passion for sport, food (I love cooking) and History.


Popoli Pop Cult Festival was born in 2009 after a phone call with a very good university friend of mine from Congo, we talked about bad racist behaviors in Calabria, Italy. In the mean time some national politicians tried to blow on the fire. Because it is so easy to scare people about differences and unknown cultures, I felt the urge to do something, even if it was only in my small village. I personally get so much from the different cultures, I knew that it only is a question of open minds to fight against primitive fears. Et voilà – the idea came to me naturally. I thought to myself – let’s organise what people like the most, food, music, dance, arts. Thanks to the City Hall’s full participation we invited the foreigner communities to come and show the best sides of their cultures. Today we can say it was the right idea, people know what it means to be Peruvian or Vietnamese, their similar life values, everybody now awaits this special event, local people are proud to host so many people comming from all over the world. We create a “World in a Village”: Bagnara di Romagna.


I met The Trouble Notes in Ferrara and I immediately loved their music. It was one of the first groups I booked for the 2017 edition of my festival.
Besides of them being intersting and emotional, full of soul musicians, I think all three guys are very talented and real artists.
But overall, thanks to a short but intense night, I strongly believe that all of you are very nice people.

I really wish you the best for your life, full of meetings and music!