Trouble Makers Interview Series – Salvo (Calabria, Italy)

Follow your own inner time and try to remain positive even in bad situations that surround you.

Because your group loves engaging with its audience, friends and fans in the streets we were able to become close friends at the speed of light. It was really strange and nice at the same time, but it’s a little curious story that is worth telling.
It all happened towards the end of June 2017. I was on my way back home when suddenly I saw plenty of people under Palazzo della Mercanzia, in the heart of Bologna, and heard a catchy “music cocktail” of violin, guitar and percussions from behind them, that caught my attention. I decided to stop and watch the performance of these three buskers but rain came down after a short while and the whole audience went away to seek shelter. I remained there to congratulate you all and started speaking with Bennet and then with the others, who kindly invited me to have a beer together.
Since then, almost outta nowhere, after a long conversation and sharing our life experiences, a true friendship has arisen and keeps on existing thanks to good vibes you spread through your sound and your magic way to be and to engage with people.
The thing I know for sure is that many other chapters of this story await to be written.


I completely am married to the idea of seeking what we think is better for us and chasing what makes us feel better and happy, just like our dreams and actions in our life. In my case, I’ve always followed my path and I’m still walking on it. Even if sometimes that means doing something for which people may consider me nuts, no-good or – even worse – not a good person and a good follower of social conventions. Lose Your Ties should definitely be the soundtrack of many people’s life.


When it comes to giving advice or encouraging others I am always too worried I might give a bad advice. But maybe I would encourage others by suggesting to find the force and your own true way by yourself. Speak to people you trust more about your own situation. Follow your own inner time and try to be positive even in bad situations that surround you. If we don’t listen to ourselves, I think we end up turning into jailers of ourselves and building and living in mental cages and boxes that do not really exist.
Undoubtedly it may be more or less difficult depending on the situations we find ourselves in, but pressing the restart button is always possible. Maybe sometimes we just need to take the time to do it.


I see success as a faint light that we should follow quietly and that can gradually get brighter if we can follow it at the right distance over our time. It will wait for us if we deserve it. Regarding me, I’m not in a hurry at the moment. I personally believe I’m walking up stairs to reach my personal success in what I want to be and do day by day.
Reaching success is surely one of the keys to happiness.

So, let us all try  and find this key.