Trouble Makers Interview Series – Sandy (Tournai, Belgium)

“My personal advise for people struggling with their current situation is taking the time to walk in nature, listen to the sounds of life (wind, water, birds …), and to spend the time with the people you love. The most important this is to not forget yourself.”

I have always been passionate about music. I studied five years of music theory and three years of piano. Since a very young age I can’t imagine a life without music being a part of it. The first time I saw you was on Facebook in September 2017 – the famous video in front of the Strasbourg Cathedral. I first recognized the cathedral that I love and then, I was completely subjugated by this violinist who seemed to come from another world. I immediately liked and shared the video. I watched it a second time carefully (in reality I’ve seen it many times after) and I listened carefully to all three instruments. I realized how incredible your trio is and that you form a unique group, that can’t exist without each other.


The Lose Your Ties theme is a very topical theme in our society that hasn’t developed in its best possible way. The pressure on humanity has increased over the last century, demanding more from people on a professional as well as a financial leave. As a result, the human beings run after time and money and have unfortunately forgetten to live. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with this album. It makes you realize how much time is needed to change the way we live, to change our priorities. The group’s music makes it possible to travel virtually and gives this desire to take the time to really go on a personal journey. 


I currently am on my search for the restart button to my life. I realized that for 10 years I forgot to live and I have reached a point in my life, where it is time to make a change. The music of “The Trouble Notes” has helped me a lot in recent months. It brings me a serenity and a fullness that I had not felt for a long time. Going to your concert brings me a lot of joy and gives me the opportunity to meet people from differents backgrounds.

True Values of Life

I am a passionate school teach and chose this profession, as for me, it’s an honor to be able to train the adults of tomorrow. In reality, I did not choose this job just to teach them mathematics, French (I’m from Belgium), history, geography and science. I chose this job for its social side. I want to teach my students the true values ​​of life. I want to be there to help them feel good, to help them find their place in the classroom and at school. Teach them to accept everyone regardless of the skin color, origin or religion of others. Let them also live art like painting, drawing, music, cooking … Be there to listen to them when they are not at home and help them when the family situation is difficult to live. Since I don’t know how to live without music, I don’t know how to live without helping children. That’s why I’m so passionate about my job. For 13 years, my job has been my passion, my life.

Travel Series: Playing “Stare Mesto” near the “Pont des Trous” in Tournai, Belgium