Trouble Makers Interview Series – Seb Mad (Innsbruck, Austria)

“I Pulse in order to Create. Realizing Mind. I seal the Output of Vision. With the Solar tone of Intention. I am guided by the power of Magic.”

For all my video projects I keep my eyes open for new music and prefer music that has a very unique sound. So while I was working on my short film Gold for the Soul I at some point came across a video of The Trouble Notes.


I then started listening and watching everything that I could find of them back then. To that time (around three years ago) there wasn’t the huge pool of video material that there is today, but I still was totally blown away.


Since I am a freelance artist I am very connected to the lifestyle of The Trouble Notes. Unlike them I already broke away and lost my ties training on a job, so I can relate to their story and the Lose Your Ties theme.

The story behind the video and the development of the story board came to life after receiving some background information to the song and a quick brainstorming session on the phone. I then started developing the individual scenes while listening to the song on repeat.

On the night before the first day of the shoot we than had to change our plans slightly since we only had one day and would have been under too much pressure. We stuck with the script as much as we could and had a crazy shoot. Thanks to the acting skills of Bennet, Ollie and Flo, we were able to achieve great results in a very limited amount of time.

Seb Mad – C’est moi. And together with some snowboarders, who work with me on different projects, I am also the mind behind Different Direction.