Trouble Makers Interview Series – Thierry Schmitt (Strasbourg, France)

“L’inspiration est au coeur du partage que je vis avec ce groupe de musique The Trouble Notes.”

The violin has always touched me, in particular, « the summer » from Vivaldi. Hearing The Trouble Notes I noticed only by the sound of a few notes, that these musicians are able to give me goosebumps making me realise that I didn’t want to miss this band.


Alsatian, living in Strasbourg since 1991, I have been working as a freelance graphic designer since I am 20 years old. I have worked for large as well as smaller clients, such as  industrial companies or neighborhood associations. Five years ago, a friend became my associate and we created the company called Alt & Rego, a freelance office for graphic designers. We provide print as well as online graphic communication services. My inspiration for my work comes from all kind of sources: TV, the Internet, the newspaper, photography, art etc… and I do my best to personalise my job and to make the project as unique and inspiring as possible.


By chance, in November 2016, I discovered a video on facebook, posted by a person from Strasbourg. The video showed a group of musicians (a violonist, a percussioninst and a guitarist) playing at the Cathedrale Place in Strasbourg. Luckily I saw their name thanks to this video: The Trouble Notes. The music that I heard that day transcends my body and touches me very deeply. I am moved not only by the beauty of the music, but by the band’s talent to translate such passion and emotion through their insctruments. It turns out that the title of the music that I hear that day, “Grand Masquerade”, will become the title track of their EP. I understood some time later, during a concert of this group in Strasbourg, that this title resonates with my existence, because it evokes all these masquerades of our life, all these truths hidden from the people who surround us (friends or family). By keeping them buried deep within us and presenting only what we want to show them. All this life where I lived hidden, where I biased the truth about me.


Touched and moved by their music, I contacted them and offered to accompany them for their graphic communication. I was lucky that they trusted me and we worked together to make their new logo. I relied on their first logo which already evoked the opening to the world thanks to the many buildings symbolizing the big cities: Big Ben, Corcovado, Eiffel Tower, Kremlin, Taj Mahal … In a camaieu of blue, the color of intelligence, meditation, knowledge and spirit, I placed these edifices on this circle, thus surrounding the name of the group of music. A multitude of bluish spots symbolizing diversity thus form a land. It is a real pleasure to share moments with this group when they are passing through Strasbourg.

“They inspire me, they astonish me, they move me, they make me want to help them move on, they make me want to love them…”