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Who are The Trouble Notes?

We are an international musical trio who have spent the past decade traveling around the world giving concerts and connecting with wonderful people like you! Our music sits somewhere between traditional folk, gritty punk rock and tribal dance. Since we began paying together we have toured across three continents, performing at major festivals, in concert halls, on street corners and everywhere in between. If you want to discover our full story, you can click here to read the Tale of Trouble.

Who are The Troublemakers?

The Troublemakers are the ones who continue to make our lives possible. Our dream is to network of music lovers who share in our passion for travel and connecting cultures. Over the years we have stayed with thousands of people who have opened their hearts and homes to us, shared their cultures and experiences and come along with us on our journey. We owe all of our success to the Troublemakers who have been there supporting us every step of the way. A Troublemaker is someone who has lost their ties, who thirsts for adventure and has the courage to follow their passions wherever they might take them. A Troublemaker is you.

What is the Street Team?

We are an independent group and in order to remain as such, we need a lot of small acts of kindness in order to make a big impact. Our first studio album Lose Your Ties peaked in the top 10 of the charts in the USA, Germany, France and Italy all through the direct support of our Troublemakers. The Troublemaker Street Team is a motivated group of Troublemakers who help us get the word out about our music by simply sharing it with people they think will enjoy it as they do. They wear our merch and stream our songs, which helps us gain more visibility in the more “traditional” music world. At the highest echelon of the Street Team, our Inner Circle, members actively participate in certain decision making as we prepare campaigns to achieve certain common goals! We are building a TEAM in every sense of the word.

„Troublemaker Starter Pack“ (Was 35€) Just Pay Shipping

As a special thank you for taking the time to listen to our music, we would like to offer you the chance to pick up what we call the “Troublemaker Starter Pack”. Inside are the essential items for the fledgling Troublemaker. As a token of our appreciation for your support of our music and introduction to our community, we would like to offer you these items for FREE, only asking that you pay a small contribution for shipping and handling. What is included inside:

  • Personalized Postcard (15€ value from our inner circle)
  • Stickers (3€ value)
  • Autographed Photograph (7€ value)
  • Digital Download of Album (10€ value)

When you order this item we will automatically include you in our exclusive Troublemaker Community Group, unlocking future private digital concerts, livestreams, unreleased songs and special offers on Merch!

To claim your Starter Pack please enter the code IAMTROUBLE at checkout!


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“Troublemaker VIP Bundle” Was (100€) Now Only 65€+shipping

Are you ready to take the step into the upper echelons of Troublemaker-dom? Our special “VIP Bundle” includes all of the staples of our Trouble merch as well as access to some never before heard recordings that have yet to be released! As a token of our gratitude for your support, we are offering YOU the VIP bundle for 35% discount for a limited time! What is included in the offer:

  • Lose Your Ties Album (15€ Value)
  • T-Shirt TTN Logo (30€ Value)
  • Personalized Postcard (15€ Value)
  • Digital Download of Full Discography (35€ value)
  • Exclusive: Unreleased Single only for VIPs

Purchasing this bundle will grant you future access to our VIP “Backstage”, which will offer exclusive looks into our travels, in addition to all of the benefits of our Community Group.

To Claim your TROUBLEMAKER VIP BUNDLE discount use the code TROUBLEMAKERS at checkout!


Living outside of Europe? Click HERE for our International Offers!

“TROUBLEMAKER Inner circle”

Our goal is to build a tightknit community of Troublemakers around the world. Want to jump in the tour van with us? There is no way to get closer to us than by joining our “inner circle” through our Patreon community! By becoming a Patron, you will gain unlock an entire universe of new content: intimate videos, exclusive livestreams and “hangouts”, monthly postcards, VLOGs and Blogs from the road, AND have a chance to voice your opinions about designs and decisions regarding our future as a group! Over time we feel that we get to know everyone in this community personally, we encourage everyone to connect with one another and share experiences so that we can inspire each other!

Join our inner circle today and after your first 3 months, receive an exclusive Troublemaker Only T-Shirt that signifies your membership in the community. This is community designed and is only available to longstanding members of our “inner circle” community.

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